Celia Bernardo is the founder, heart and soul of the brand. With a love for vibrant color, complicated knitting and the ability to create beauty from chaos and clash, she is on a mission to bring laughter and pleasure to all who wear her creations.

Celia’s designs showcase inspiration stemming from her travels across the globe, from stripes seen in Rajasthan to batiks from Indonesia. Her use of traditional motifs seamlessly blends with exaggerated textures and bold bursts of print and color.

After studying Advertising & PR in Madrid and Fashion Communication in Milan, Celia escaped to Ibiza where she designed and sold jewellery. Then she spent the next ten years working with brands like Zara, Pepe Jeans and Asobio. But her love of travel and the weird and wonderful possibilities of color, wool and contradiction meant that the fast fashion industry couldn't hold on to her forever. In 2012, Celia B struck out on her own and started to make pieces for herself again. Channelling her love for travel and her passion for handcrafted pieces, she collects textiles, patterns and inspiration from all over the world: from the jungles and beaches of Latin America to Moroccan medinas.

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