Arrivals Gate’s mission is to share beauty in the form of unique handmade pieces produced in small factories in developing countries.
The company’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who are manufacturing the products, having a positive impact on these communities, and spreading good quality, comfort and happiness to the world.

The US based company designs handmade pure cashmere shawls and throws made in Kathmandu, Nepal in partnerships that help sustain local Nepalese businesses, which were extremely affected by the earthquake of April 2015.

And about myself (Creator and curator):

Born in Brazil, I have lived for almost 20 years in the U.S. During this time, I have traveled the globe for corporate business and had the opportunity to experience many different worlds and cultures, which helped me to develop a special eye for the exotic and the unique. Even though I enjoyed the rush of developing corporate businesses on a global scale, I decided to leave it all behind. I began a new chapter, directing my talents into pursuing my passions for art, design and the discovery of unique products while making a difference by improving the lives of the communities I work with.

Life between my departures and arrivals had unveiled many surprises for me, especially in developing countries. I began collecting: special fabrics from India, cashmere shawls from Nepal and ethnic clothes from the places I visited. My friends would ask me "Where did you get that?", and I would describe a tiny store or an undiscovered little village in a remote place. Finding exclusive and undiscovered items around the world had become a passion, and then I realized it could be something more.

Bringing these fascinating discoveries together as a business I founded Arrivals Gate in 2015. Committed to distributing high-quality native textile products to support fair trade communities in developing countries, Arrivals Gate’s initial focus was cashmere shawls from Kathmandu, Nepal, handcrafted using centuries old traditional techniques and local raw materials.

When a major earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, our mission became even more important. Besides being threatened by unfair competition elsewhere in the world, the country was now facing severe economic and logistical challenges due to the tragedy. Preserving the cultural legacy and the income of the hundreds of families supported by the cashmere factory throughout that difficult period became a priority for us, and our partnership continues to grow stronger.

We invite you to help us make a difference in the lives of the people manufacturing these exquisite products, and help spread comfort and happiness everywhere in the world - while looking absolutely great doing it!

Adriana Lerner


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